Online Domino Apps and Websites

online domino

Online domino is a game of tile-based strategy. It can be played with multiple players and is a great distraction for busy people. There are a variety of websites and apps that allow you to play dominoes online, and they can be free or you can pay to unlock special features.

Dominoes is a family of games that can be played with a set of 28 tiles (also called bones, rocks, stones or cards). Each tile has two ends and can have up to 6 pips on each end. The pips on each tile represent a value between 0 and 6; the highest-valued tile is called a doublet.

The tiles are shuffled and placed in a stock, also known as a boneyard, which is then drawn from before each player begins their turn. After the stock is filled, players may buy more tiles by paying a certain amount of money for each tile.

Alternatively, players can simply discard any excess tiles that they don’t need to keep in their hand. This is a common practice in most domino games, but it may not be allowed in some.

When a player has no tiles in their hand and can’t make any more plays, they “chip out” the game. The winning pair are the partners who have the lowest combined number of spots on their dominoes.

This is usually done by placing the last domino in their hand, but it can also be done by knocking the table. During the game, players can also play their hands to block the other player’s play and score points.

Some games are played as a two-player game, while others can be played with up to six players. In the most basic variant, each player receives 7 tiles at the start of the game, but this can vary in various rules.

A popular version is called Five-Up, played with multicolored tiles, and it has different variants, such as the Best of Ten Hands, No Spinner and Hector’s Rules. These versions allow the player to play a double tile on his opponent’s hand, which awards a bonus play of an extra tile immediately after.

Jogatina is an online domino app that allows users to play with other people and bots. It’s a free download and offers a variety of games, including Draw and Block. It’s a slick-looking app that’s a lot of fun to play.

The site is in Spanish and has great graphics, chat and rankings. It can also pause and resume a game, and it works on Windows.

VIP Games is a virtual classic dominoes playing experience that gives you rules and how-to instructions for playing the game, as well as an area to practice. You can also register as a user to earn bonuses and prizes for winning games.

The website also includes a section for beginners, and the game features a number of different modes to choose from. You can play with a friend, against the computer or in a tournament.