NEW in Burning House Press – 3 Poems by Juliet Cook and j/j hastain!

By Juliet Blood Pudding

j/j hastain and Juliet Cook have three poems up at Burning House Press today, within the Labyrinth! Thank you to Guest Editor Dhiyanah Hassan!
“My painkillers are killing me,
but I continue to take them
just like I continue to take myself
out to the local bar.
The thing is, I’m full
of negativity and need
to tone it down by drinking”

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Introducing the final Thirteen Myna Birds flock of 2019!

By Juliet Blood Pudding

Introducing the final Thirteen Myna Birds flock of 2019!
Happy Holidays, whatever that means to you! Hopefully it involves oodles of poetry! 🖤
This flock is like a strange and scary and oddly misshapen stocking stuffed with mutant wings of poetry by Holly Day, Howie Good, Kristin Garth, Davide Nixon, Thomas E. Simmons, and Gary Beck!
Then at the bottom of the flock are three creepy doll poems by Daniel Snethen, from his PEDIOPHOBIA poetry chapbook, coming very soon from Blood Pudding Press!
“The morning sun is the beginning of my offensive day – The town, the river, the woods just kept on screaming – The whole downtown was sinking an inch a year even as downtown properties continued to rise in value – just like the perfect baby that somehow came out of me – I need more holes always surrounding me – spitting expired spirits, and old smoke in young lungs – open throated barely legal ghosts – software insertion – little bouquets of truth are buried – watching nothing, dreaming of nothing – When robots develop a sense of the macabre They’ll have approached human equivalency – Thunderstorms are people – broken contortions – with breathing machines hooked up – Something rising unbidden out of the dark – You’re moving away rather than moving toward something. I can’t be sure if you’ll ever come back.”
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Source:: Blood Pudding Press


By Juliet Blood Pudding In case you missed parts of November’s Burning House Press NO MACHINE WITHOUT A GHOST EDITION, GUEST EDITED/CURATED BY MAUVE PERLE TAHAT with ARTWORK BY MORIAH M. MYLOD, here it is! –

Source:: Blood Pudding Press

This Saturday November 23 – A Poetry Reading at Toledo Lucas Public Library

By Juliet Blood Pudding

A poetry reading this coming Saturday November 23 from 4-5 PM at Toledo Lucas Public Library/King Road Branch!
Juliet Cook will be the opening reader and Michael Hackney will be the featured reader!

Source:: Blood Pudding Press

Excited to receive a 2019 Pushcart Prize Nomination!

By Juliet Blood Pudding Delighted to find out and announce that j/j hastain and Juliet Cook’s long collaborative poem, “Myth Owls Targeted At Evil” has been nominated for a 2019 Pushcart Prize by Misfit Magazine!!!

Source:: Blood Pudding Press

So Marvelously Far – by Nick Gardner (CC#110)

By John Burroughs

Crisis Chronicles Press is thrilled to announce the publication of So Marvelously Far, an essential new poetry collection by Ohio’s own Nick Gardner.
So Marvelously Far is 60 pages, perfect bound, 5.5 x 8.5″. ISBN: 978-1-64092-946-3. Front cover art by Tracy Graziani. Available now for only $10 from Crisis Chronicles Press, 3431 George Avenue, Parma, Ohio 44134 USA.

US or Elsewhere?
U.S. Addresses $10.00 USDOutside the U.S. $15.00 USD
“This first book of poetry by Nick Gardner composed of 49 poems written in sonnet form brings the diurnal under the close and sustained scrutiny of a poetic sensibility that is at once broad and focused, a sensibility attuned to the brokenness of life while affirming the possibility of redemption. Gardner not only extracts meaning in such poems as ‘Dog Food’ which looks the blunted reality of opiate addiction clearly if not profoundly in the eye, or in ‘Grounding’ where the poetic sensibility seems to drift in an airy medium somewhere between longing and optimism while insisting on a vision that edges toward apocalypse, but also constructs meaning by drawing upon the desultory events, occurrences, and people of lived life, yoking them to insight and poignancy. Between the poles of angry sadness and hopeful anticipation, there are works like ‘Searching for Veins in Mr. Powell’s Cornfield’ which collapses several layers of meaning into one another. The images Gardner employs are oftentimes dark as they argue the harsh truth of the micro realities of drug addiction in small town America. Nonetheless, they also argue a guarded hope that poetically makes itself known as a shot across the bow of an oftentimes listing ship of life. The effect of So Marvelously Far is one of unsettling vision as well as one of poetic power. The work warns in ironic tones of the normalization of an increasingly dehumanized landscape, one redolent of the Avett Brothers in their song ‘Head Full of Doubt.’ More importantly, it is also a celebration of a remarkable and prescient poetic sensibility that will likely be around for some time.”
—Steven Joyce, Associate Professor of German & Comparative Literature, The Ohio State University; author of Transformations and Texts, The Apostate Djin, The Winds of Ilion, and A Sea of Other.
Nick Gardner has his bachelor’s degree in English from The Ohio State University and is currently enrolled in the MFA fiction writing program at Bowling Green State University. His chapbook Decomposed (2017) is published through Cabin Floor Esoterica. In his seventh year of recovery from opioid addiction, his research involves the current drug epidemic as well as alternative recovery methods. He has won awards in Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry from The Ohio State University in Mansfield and performed readings of his work at Overdose Awareness Day as well as other local events. He lives in Mansfield, Ohio and Bowling Green, Ohio.

Source:: Crisis Chronicles Press

NEW in Burning House Press – “Every Room Whispers Itself into Your Ear”!

By Juliet Blood Pudding

“In this diorama, an intermediary exists in between
the good and the bad, but it’s hard to tell the difference
and sometimes the forces combine.”
in Juliet Cook’s poem, “Every Room Whispers Itself into Your Ear” at Burning House Press (NO MACHINE WITHOUT A GHOST theme, guest edited by Mauve Perle Tahat, with art by Moriah M. Mylod)
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Source:: Blood Pudding Press

Pushcart Prize & Ohioana Book Award Nominations

By Dianne Borsenik

Each year, Pushcart Press permits little magazine and small press editors to nominate up to six works by writers they’ve published during the calendar year. The deadline is December 1st. Acceptances for the annual Pushcart Prize Best of the Presses anthology usually begin arriving in April.

This year, NightBallet Press is pleased and honored to nominate the following poets and their poems for this year’s Pushcart Prize:

Kathleen S. Burgess
from the NightBallet Press book The Wonder Cupboard, September 2019

Karen Schubert
“Letter to Youngstown”
from the NightBallet Press book Dear Youngstown, February 2019

Sean Thomas Dougherty
“Ask the Ghost Roads”
from the NightBallet Press book The Answer Is Not Here, May 2019

Lisa M. Dougherty
“Ask of the Feather You Found on the Ground”
from the NightBallet Press book The Answer Is Not Here, May 2019

Gregg Shapiro
“Florida Bang Bang”
from the NightBallet Press book Sunshine State, July 2019

Julio Montalvo Valentin
“13 Ways of Looking at Rice”
from the NightBallet Press book Those Who Pray to Rice, November 2019

Each year, NightBallet Press proudly nominates books written by Ohio residents for the Ohioana Book Award. The Ohioana Book Awards are the second oldest, and among the most prestigious, state literary prizes in the U.S. This year, we are pleased and honored to nominate the following books for the 2020 Ohioana Book Award in poetry:

The Curve of Her Arm by Robin Mullet & Holli Rainwater

The Wonder Cupboard by Kathleen S. Burgess

Dear Youngstown
by Kathleen Schubert

Results of the judging will be announced in July 2020.

Congratulations and good luck to all the nominees!

Thank you to all the poets who have entrusted me to make books for you. It is an honor and a privilege to work with you and your poems.

This year has been an especially difficult one for me personally, and I appreciate the support, encouragement, and patience of everyone involved with the press. We experienced delays and fewer publications, but the books we did publish are full of outstanding and astonishingly beautiful poetry. There is more to come in 2020!

Source:: NightBallet Press

Meet the Authors at Oddmall Outpost – Saturday November 2

By Juliet Blood Pudding

This coming Saturday, if all does according to plan, Juliet Cook will have a table at this event, offering poetry chapbooks/books by her and her Blood Pudding Press. 🖤

Source:: Blood Pudding Press

NEW in Elephants Never! A collaborative poem by j/j hastain and Juliet Cook – Until They Are Well Done

By Juliet Blood Pudding

“You can grow an above ground garden
brimming with skyrocketing bees
who don’t adhere to one particular hive”
in the poem “Until They Are Well Done”, by j/j hastain and Juliet Cook, appearing in this week’s Elephants Never!

Happy Halloween and read more HERE –

Source:: Blood Pudding Press