Forthcoming in 2018 from Crisis Chronicles Press

By John Burroughs

Smith collage from Where Never Was Already Is

In 2018 I plan to publish twelve books by writers/artists whose work I have long admired. Many of these have been in the works for quite some time, and I am looking forward to finally midwifing them into print. All of them will be perfect bound. Some do not yet have finalized titles, but here are the dozen (in no particular order:

Serving, poems by Kari Gunter-Seymour

not yet titled, poems by Helen Shepard

Malformed Confetti, poems by Juliet Cook

not yet titled, poems by Christopher Franke

Where Never Was Already Is, poems and collages by Steven B. Smith

Ode to Horatio and Other Saviors, poems and photos by Carolyn Srygley-Moore
Drinking from What I Once Wore, poems by Chris Stroffolino

ouroboros, poems by Chansonette Buck with art by Jillian Mardin

Before the Next Ice Age, poems by Lisa J. Cihlar

not yet titled, poems by Dianne Borsenik

not yet titled, poems by Julie Ursem Marchand

a big surprise book to be announced later

Where Are You?
In the USA $100.00 USDElsewhere $125.00 USD

Order all twelve in advance for $100, which will (1) save you $20 off the projected retail price, (2) get you an immediate bonus shipment of three recently published [2017] Crisis Chronicles Press publications, and (3) get you free shipping on all of the above. Fifteen fabulous books in all!

Click the Buy Now button or send a check for $100 to Crisis Chronicles Press, 3431 George Avenue, Parma, Ohio 44134 USA. Please add $25 if you’re ordering from outside the United States.

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NightBallet Press: Gratitude, Revelations, and Love

By Dianne Borsenik

Image result for icy background

As NightBallet Press transitions from a numbingly cold 2017 into a brighter, and Oh-We-SO-Hope-Warmer, 2018, we give gratitude, from the bottom of our hearts, to the awesome writers who trust us with their words, the artists and photographers who give us permission to use their stunningly beautiful work, the supportive hosts who offer venues and opportunities for our poets to have their physical voices heard, the bookstores and libraries who offer our poets the opportunities to have their literary voices heard, the lifetime subscribers who invested in us from the beginning, the thoughtful angels who surprise us with donations throughout the year, two very special local businesses: Elyria Print Shop and Hollo’s Papercraft, and the readers like YOU, who continue to believe in us and the editing/publishing we do. You have given us six-going-on-seven wonderful years, with the promise of much more to come.

We are truly grateful to the Wingman Club members, those who annually subscribe to our books and who continue to sustain us by offering encouragement and financial assistance to this small, independent, hands-on, poetry-and-art book press. This generosity is much appreciated.

As we move into 2018, we invite you to fly with us as a member of this special club. A wingman is described as one who supports a friend or associate. We offer membership to the Wingman Club in the form of a one-year subscription to NightBallet Press.

This means you, for fifty dollars, will receive every book published by the press between September 2017 and September 2018, with a guaranteed minimum of ten titles, many of them full-length collections. The total worth of this season’s books is estimated to exceed one hundred dollars. This subscription offers an additional bonus: no charge for postage! That’s a huge savings, in addition to the incredibly low cost of a subscription.

Please note: you will receive all the books published between September 2017 and September 2018, no matter what month you join the club. The first shipment contains all the books published up to the date of joining.

NightBallet Press is founded on the principal that a poet’s work belongs to the poet, and that these wonderful words deserve to be presented as a package of beauty. We respect the art and craft of poetry and we strive to give it excellence, in every aspect of our publishing. NightBallet Press exists and produces without grants or endowments, and we do not take money from our poets for the production of their books. Expenses are out-of-pocket for the publisher.

Being a Wingman means you would fly alongside this publisher as she creates new books for poets across the United States. Your subscription money would be an investment in the poets themselves; every penny would go toward the ink, cardstock, paper, staples, envelopes, packing tape, and other printing needs that make NightBallet publication possible.

Feel the wind beneath your wings this New Year and join NightBallet Press’ Wingman Club…subscribe, and become a Wingman today!

Image result for new year celebration
And now, NightBallet Press celebrates life and offers all of you love, light, and best wishes for a very Happy New Year! Bring on the bubbly! We have a fresh new year to celebrate!

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FourPlay #28: The Body Sings Electric by Eli Williams

By Writing Knights Press

$1.00 USD

About the author:

I write because it’s painful and sometimes pulling words out of my brain is like being submerged slowly underwater, grasping at anything to be brought back to a breathing point. Until that moment occurs you flail and wonder why you would ever put yourself into this predicament in the first place and even moreso wonder why you would keep coming back. Each time above water is like being in love for the first time. A rush of wonder and joy of life is thrust upon your soul and breathing is better than anything you’ve experienced. I write because it’s the only thing I haven’t been able to run away from. I live for those moments above water.

– Eli Williams

Source:: Writing Knights Press

FourPlay #27: Birth Life Death Forever by Daria Quinn

By Writing Knights Press

$1.00 USD

Coming Soon
About the author:

There just aren’t that many queer writers out there, certainly not many of any real name value. Even within our community, there’s just not that many of us out there whose work is visible. I just happened to learn early on that I had a talent for wordcraft, and because of this, I was able to focus on developing that talent at a time in my life where almost everyone else my age was focused on social status and popularity. I don’t really consider writing a talent or a gift so much as I see it as a responsibility. I am an autistic, bipolar, transgender lesbian feminist in a time and political climate where people like me rarely, if ever, see their voices in print. There is an audience in desperate need to see their lives and experiences represented in the media, and I, as a neurodivergent queer woman, have a responsibility to every other neurodivergent queer woman in the world to make my voice heard. That’s why I write.

Daria Quinn

Source:: Writing Knights Press

FourPlay #26: The informal fiXXX by T. Ponder

By Writing Knights Press

$1.00 USD

About the author:

I write because I consider myself an independent author. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s tough and tedious. I like to call myself a creative writer because most of my writings can be expanded in different modes of art. My author name is T. Ponder. Personally, I don’t like to put my image on or in my artwork.

Source:: Writing Knights Press

FourPlay #25: Deliver Us into the Dark by Robin Wyatt Dunn

By Writing Knights Press

$1.00 USD

About the author:

I write to keep the blood off my hands; better to have ink. I write for the revolution, which begins in the mind. I write to stay sane, although staying sane is a crazy thing to do. Also, I write for all the chicks.
Robin Wyatt Dunn

Source:: Writing Knights Press

Grand Tournament 2018 Overview *subject to change*

By Writing Knights Press

In years past, the Grand Tournament has appealed to those who wished for their work to showcase their page prowess primarily, before bringing their words to the stage.

This year, we’re flipping the script and allowing performance to pave the way to our contestant’s written merit.

The potentiality this year is HUGE with an additional main category, side events, and vendors, all potentially on the docket with some altered rules.

Some changes we are making this year:
Number of Main Categories: 5. Poetry, Music, Storytelling (fiction), Storytelling (nonfiction), Comedy.
*please note* if we do not get enough performers to compete in a category, the entrants may be absorbed into the closest relative category.
Admission Fee: $5 per category a Performer/Group wishes to enter. $20 for a Team of up to 5 different Performer/Group. (Performer/Group/Team explained here)
Set Duration: 3-5 minutes
Potential number of sets to perform: Finalists will perform a total of twice in the main competition per category (if they compete in and advance in multiple categories).
Side competitions: Haiku Joust, Sonnet Slam
Favorite of Event Categories (Audience Voting): Favorite Performer/Group; Favorite Team; Favorite Outfit/Costume/Garb; Favorite Prop; Favorite Line, Tournament Underdog, Most Community Minded Performer/Group/Team.
Best of Event Categories (Quantifiable): Highest Scoring Performer/Group (highest scoring of the first round of all categories and side events); Highest Scoring Team (first round and side events).

Source:: Writing Knights Press

Grand Tournament 2018 – Schedule *subject to change*

By Writing Knights Press

This is the tentative schedule, assuming that we’ll have a full program for each event.
Venue A – The Local 135 6th St NW
Venue B – IKON Images Art Gallery 221 5th St NW
Venue C – Avenue Arts & Kathleen Howland Theatre 324 Cleveland Ave NW

Friday July 27th
6:30pm – Soundcheck @Venue A and B
7pm – 9pm – Program 1 – Venue A
7pm – 9pm – Program 2 – Venue B

Afterward, attendees and competitors are invited to partake of the local night life. Canton, Ohio has many wonderful bars and restaurants close to the venues.

Saturday July 28th
10am – Vendors set up on Court Ave
11am – Vendors open for business on Court Ave
11:30am – Sound check @Venue A, B and C
12pm – 2pm – Program 3 – Venue A
12pm – 2pm – Program 4 – Venue B
12pm – 2pm – Sonnet Slam – Venue C (possibly upstairs stage)

2pm – 3pm – Lunch break – Please partake of our vendors as well as the local restaurants and eateries.
3pm – 3:30pm – Open stage @Venue A, B and C – Short poems, share the stages. Chill time.
3: 30pm – Soundcheck @Venue A, B, and C

4pm – 6pm – Program 5 – Venue A
4pm – 6pm – Program 6 – Venue B
4pm – 6pm – Haiku Joust – Venue C (Possibly upstairs stage)

6pm – 7pm – Dinner Break, Written Judging Dinner

7pm – Finalists Announced

7:30pm – Soundcheck @Venue C (Kathleen Howland Theatre)
8pm – Vendors may start clearing out, but are free to stay til 10pm
8pm – 10pm – Finals Program – Venue C (Kathleen Howland Theatre)
10pm – 10:30pm – calculating/talk among yourselves – Venue C
10:45ishpm to End – Awards Ceremony – Venue C

After the Awards Ceremony, attendees and contestants please partake of the local night life. Canton, Ohio has many wonderful bars and restaurants which are accommodating of most dietary restrictions.

Source:: Writing Knights Press

Grand Tournament 2018 – Performers/Groups/Teams explained *subject to change*

By Writing Knights Press

The concept of Performers, Groups and Teams is not one that is unknown to most in the performance world, but allow us to explain it succinctly so there is no mistake on what we mean as it relates to the Grand Tournament 2018.

Individual – A singular performer who presents 3-5 minutes worth of material in the first round, and if they advance to the finals, then 3-5 more minutes of material as a singular performer. Example: Jon Human is an Individual performer.

Group – Two or more performers working as a unit to present 3-5 minutes worth of material in the first round, and if they advance to the finals, then 3-5 more minutes of material as the same group. Example: Jon Human and Jane Dragon are a group.

Team – A collection of up to 5 Individuals or Groups. Example: Jon Human; the Jon Human/Jane Dragon Duo; Joe Orc; Jeff Dwarf; and the Jimmy Elf Trio are all performers/groups and thus covered in one team. The Fantasy Five Armies.

Normal entry fees per performer/group would be $5. A collective of 5 performers/groups would be admitted for $20 ($5 discount).
Entering as part of a group makes the group eligible to win Favorite Team and/or Highest Scoring Team and the prizes offered thus.

Additionally – Individuals/Groups may compete up to once in as many Categories/Side Events as they wish as long as the applicable fees are paid. They may join as many teams as they want. Example: the Jon Human/Jane Dragon Duo are treated as different entities from Jon Human. As long as he pays the applicable admission fee, Jon Human could potentially be a part of multiple different groups and perform with them all, but he would get really tired by the end of the event.

Please note – Reasonable scheduling accommodation will be made to enable Individuals/Groups to perform in multiple programs, if an Individual/Group registers to compete in a category and they do not arrive at their appointed time in a program to give their performance, they forfeit that potential score and admission fee.

Source:: Writing Knights Press

Grand Tournament 2018 – Vendors & Sponsors

By Writing Knights Press

For the first time ever, the Grand Tournament will have Vendors AND Sponsors!

We are looking for Vendors who can cater to the creative minded. Our attendees will likely be people who appreciate comedy, music, the written word and especially spoken word, so if you have products which deal with any of these, or are adjacent to these subjects, please join us!

We will open up applications for vendors as soon as we can, but hopefully by March 3rd, 2018. Applications will close once we reach our full capacity (36-40 vendors) or June 2nd, 2018.

We will have a PayPal button available as soon as we can. Vendor cost will be $20 for a 10’x10′ space. You provide your own canopy.

When submitting, be prepared to send an email to with the following questions answered:
1. Name of Business:
2. Contact Person:
3. Regularly checked Contact Email:
4. Mobile Number:
5. What type of business do you run?
6. What kinds of products do you intend to sell?
7. Do you have any applicable licenses necessary to sell those items?
8. Will you commit to having a presence at your booth from the 10am set up until at least 8pm July 28th?

There may be more questions to add as time passes, so don’t send any emails until the Paypal button is up, please. 🙂

ADDITIONALLY – Vendors will also be allotted one Individual/Group representative in the Grand Tournament as long as they declare this Individual/Group by Jun 2, 2018.

Events like this take money and promotion and sometimes we need sponsors to help us with the green energy necessary to keep things running smoothly, pay security, etc.

We will be offering two tiers of sponsorship.
Tier 1 – For $100, a sponsor will be mentioned once per program (and once during the Sonnet Slam and Haiku Joust). Additionally, Tier 1 sponsors will be put on the schedule flyers for the events.

Tier 2 – For $200, a sponsor will be mentioned twice per program (and twice each during the Sonnet Slam and Haiku Joust). Tier 2 sponsors will be put on the schedule flyers. Additionally, Tier 2 sponsors will have a banner posted in each venue, and during the final program will have all three banners present.

These sponsorship dollars may be translated in different ways.
For example, we will need someone to cater our “Written Judging Dinner” if that catering comes to about $100, we’ll put you under the $100 sponsor tier, likewise if it is $200.

That’s the most dire need we have at the moment. Depending on the alternate offering, we might be able to work something out for different services as they translate to usefulness at the Grand Tournament.

Source:: Writing Knights Press