Lit Cleveland 2020 Celebration of Writers – Poetry (AND links to some 2020 poetry chapbooks)

By Juliet Blood Pudding


Juliet Cook’s 2020 poetry chapbook, “The Rabbits With Red Eyes” (Ethel) appears on this list of Lit Cleveland 2020 Celebration of Writers – Poetry. Thank you to Lit Cleveland.
*** If interested in finding out a bit more about this chapbook and maybe even acquiring a copy for yourself or a friend, you can do so via Ethel HERE – OR via the Blood Pudding Press shop HERE –*** Another 2020 poetry collection of Cook’s that you can check out for free online (or offer a small donation if so inclined) is her micro-chapbook, “Histrionics Inside My Interior City”, published by the 2020 Ghost City Press Summer Micro-Chap Series HERE –

Source:: Blood Pudding Press