NEW! The May Flock of Thirteen Myna Birds has arrived!

By Juliet Blood Pudding

The Fairy Spirit of the Amaryllis by MISH

The NEW May flock of Thirteen Myna Birds is here, filled with poetry/art by Eileen Murphy, Sara Lefsyk, Patrick Hurley, Sarah Nichols, MISH, and Sara Minges!

“during this time of pandemic – Sky is cloudless; birds don’t sing – and the days Are quiet as death – gargling instead of brushing teeth – I’m transcribing documents that were written by ghosts with feathers and dust – Shift managers and supervisors demand and take – take these new pills and calm down – the control module has been jammed by fragments – a doll falling out of a tree – faster than cancer – we were wearing the dress of altered states – I was rolling around in some flowers with vomit in my hair – the shape of spilled fluid – enter the final labyrinth – every sky ends with nameless colors – flowers carry sickness here – I speak the language of darkness – we carry the burdens of ourselves and our sisters – I had on the face of an animal over the mask of a girl”

Take a flight with the flock, HERE –

Source:: Blood Pudding Press