NEW! Octopus Review #8 includes two of Juliet Cook’s poems (which also appear in the Blood Pudding Press chapbook, DARK PURPLE INTERSECTIONS)!

By Juliet Blood Pudding

Brimming with broom legs,

with bruises and veins,

uneven blood flow, pulsating heart beats

underneath my skin. I cut myself

shaving again, because the veins

bulged into the razor blade.

The ever alternating landscapes

of quantifiable feminism.


then mental evaporation

then excavation from underneath the cuts.

Juliet Cook is delighted to have a few poems appearing in Octopus Review #8! –

The two poems within Octopus Review #8 also appear within Cook’s poetry chapbook, “DARK PURPLE INTERSECTIONS”, published by Blood Pudding Press for Dusie Kollektiv 9 and available in its entire creepy little hand-designed print chapbook incarnation, HERE –

Source:: Blood Pudding Press