Grand Developments – This Joust In Vol 1 Issue 4

By Writing Knights Press

It is with a heavy heart I write these words.

We did not get the minimum number of entries for the Grand Tournament, so unfortunately, we have to cancel the competition.

*pause for effect*


We are not canceling the event festivities. We still reserved part of the downtown Canton area for vendors, the venues are booked and we want to have some poetry events.
So in an effort to rebrand while not confusing people, we’re calling it:

new banner pending.

So here’s the plan:

Friday July 27th from 7pm to 9pm

We will have one show (with the option to expand) at Makeshift Makerspace.

Saturday July 28th will be the big day.

We will have the following shows (with the option to expand):

12pm to 2pm show at IKON Art Gallery;

3:30pm to 5:30pm show at Makeshift Makerspace;

7pm to 9pm the final show of the event at Avenue Arts/Kathleen Howland Theatre.
We will be posting the official schedule of performers today.

There will still be vendors along Court Avenue from 3rd street to 6th street,
so bring some cash to get items, food, etc.

This being said, we are going to need performers.

Poets, Fiction/Nonfiction, Acoustic Music, Comedy or an amalgam of styles and genres.

We are looking for 10 minutes with potential for more time on the mic with our inevitable cancellations.

Performers who have to travel more than 100 miles will be offered two sets (a total of 20 minutes).

Performers will be invited to sell their works during the event alongside the established vendors.

Hosts of the events will be Skylark Bruce, Marissa Hyde, JM Romig and Azriel Johnson.

We will be collecting “love” offerings at each show.
If you don’t quite love us, call it a “you’re not half bad” offering.

We will be sending personal messages to performers we want to join us, but feel free to message us first if you’re interested.

See you all in July,
Azriel Johnson & Skylark Bruce

Source:: Writing Knights Press