Grand Tournament 2018 – Rules *Subject to Change*

By Writing Knights Press

Every great competition has rules, we’re going to try to keep ours simple.

1. Each Stage Round is certain length 2, 3, 4, 5 minutes. There is NO grace period. Once the host says stop, performer/groups must stop. If they do not, they will be disqualified, no appeals.

2. There will be up to 5 categories in the competition: Poetry, Music, Comedy, Storytelling: Fiction, and Storytelling: Nonfiction. A minimum of 5 Performers/Groups must be entered for a category to be included. If any categories do not reach 5 Performers/Groups they will be parlayed into the closest relative category.

3. One prop per performer/group per round. For the Music category, this does not count instruments. Non-Music categories may incorporate an instrument, but the organizers must be notified before June 2nd.

4. Any Performers/Groups who make it to the 4 minute Stage Round should give their 5 minute Stage Round written manuscript to the Host of their venue for review pending the final score of the round.

5. Anyone found in violation of the Events Rights and Expectations will be disqualified and expelled from the event.

Source:: Writing Knights Press