Grand Tournament 2018 – Questions *subject to change and addition*

By Writing Knights Press

We will be compiling a list of questions we are asked, to better serve everyone who is interested in competing.

Is this a Slam? How is it different?
The Grand Tournament is different in three primary ways. First, the Grand Tournament seeks work that appeals to people both on the Stage and the Page. The top scorers in the Stage round will have their manuscripts scrutinized by Page judges to determine the top scorers of their categories.
Second, the categories are not just poetry, they are Music, Storytelling in Fiction, Storytelling in Nonfiction and Comedy.
Third, performances will range between 3 and 5 minutes with time penalties for performers who go too long, but also too short.

Can I tell my friends and family about the Grand Tournament?
YES! Better, encourage your friends and family who might also be writers to enter the Grand Tournament. Nothing like a little friendly rivalry, right?

What is the Entry fee?
Entry fee for Individual/Group Performers: $5.
Entry fee for Teams: $20
Entrants will be given cards to signify they have paid. This payment will provide them access to the whole event, both dates, all programs.

What’s the difference between Teams and Groups?
Check out this link.

What is the moderation for entrants?
We believe in free speech in all its forms. However, we cannot and will not protect you if you start spewing hate speech on stage. If you violate the Entrant Rights and Expectations you will be removed from the event.

Is there an admission fee for nonentrants?
Yes, $5. This covers the admission for the whole event, both dates, all programs.
You will be able to buy tickets ahead of time.
The event will be happening regardless of inclement weather. No refunds will be given.
If a person doesn’t go into any of the venues during the performances they will not be charged, but really, why would you do that?

What is the accessibility for the venues?
All three venues have accessibility. Please see a host or organizer day of for any accommodations

What is the social media hashtag?
#GT2018 also promoting #writingknights #writingknightspress and tagging and following WritingKnights on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will help us.

Do you need help promoting? Judging? Or other jobs involved with the Grand Tournament?
Yes here is our list of Personnel we want/need to acquire by the Grand Tournament.

May I enter more than one category?

What is your prop policy?
You may incorporate 1 prop into your act. Musicians’ instruments do not count as their prop. If a non-musician wants to use an instrument as a prop, that’s okay, but please let us know by June 2nd.

Can I use previously published work?
Depends. No entries may be published in the previous 12 months. No entries may be previously published by Writing Knights in any capacity. Basically, we want your new stuff.

What are the time penalties like?
Entries must be between 3 and 5 minutes. There will be a 10 second grace period on either side (2:50 and 5:10 respectively). Pieces that fall under or over these grace periods will be subject to 1 point penalties per 5 seconds. Example: entries that run 2:49 will be subject to a 1 point penalty, likewise entries that run 5:11 will be subject to a 1 point penalty.
Also, entries that fall under 1 minute or over 6 minutes will be disqualified. Entrants that go over 6 minutes will be cut off from the mic.

As a music entrant, could I use instrumental songs?
There is no rule saying you can’t use instrumental songs, however, if you have no lyrics to provide, you will likely not win, even if you get a perfect score in the Stage round.

What happens if you don’t get enough entries for a category?
If any category has fewer than 5 entries by June 2nd, that category will be parlayed into one of the other existing categories. In other words, get your similarly creative friends to enter, too, so we can have five full categories.

What happens if I make a mess during the performance?
If an entrant makes a mess during their performance and does not clean it up immediately after their performance, they will be disqualified.

What rights do I have as an entrant?
Here is our ever expanding list of Entrant Rights and Expectations. To sum it up we are a safe space, but we are not an echo chamber. All ideas which do not threaten the safety of others will be tolerated and those who threaten that safe space will be removed.

What’s this I hear about vendors and sponsors?
Check out this link. The basics are, we are going to have vendors and try to get sponsors for the event, so if you know anyone send them our way. Also, bring some cash with you to help support those vendors.

Source:: Writing Knights Press