Grand Tournament 2018 – Guidelines *subject to change*

By Writing Knights Press

This year’s Grand Tournament will be slightly different than previous years, but it will have many similarities.

Things to remember:
– No entries may have been published in the previous 12 months.
– No entries may be previously submitted to Writing Knights in any capacity.
– When performed, entries must be between 3 and 5 minutes. There will be a 10 second grace period on either side (2:50 and 5:10 respectively). Pieces that fall under or over these grace periods will be subject to 1 point penalties per 5 seconds. Example: entries that run 2:49 will be subject to a 1 point penalty, likewise entries that run 5:11 will be subject to a 1 point penalty.
– Entries that fall under 1 minute or over 6 minutes will be disqualified. Entrants that go over 6 minutes will be cut off from the mic.
– For music entrants, there is no rule saying you can’t use intrumental songs, however, if you have no lyrics to provide, you will likely not win, even if you get a perfect score in the Stage round.
– If any category has fewer than 5 entries by June 2nd, that category will be parlayed into one of the other existing categories. In other words, get your similarly creative friends to enter, too, so we can have five full categories.

Source:: Writing Knights Press