Grand Tournament 2018 – Event Rights and Expectations *subject to change*

By Writing Knights Press

Grand Tournament Entrants and Attendees have certain rights which will be honored and enforced as judiciously as possible.

These rights include, but are not limited to, and may be added to:
1. Every entrant, attendee, judge, vendor, sponsor, host, assistant, organizer has a right to a safe and fun event. Anyone who compromises this safety by making another feel threatened will be expelled from the event. Entrants will forfeit any prize they might earn, attendees will forfeit any money they have paid for admission. Offenders who refuse to leave the premises will be subject to the discretion of the local police department.
2. Every entrant has a right to see the scores at the end of the event. All scores will be anonymously judged.
3. Entrants and audience have a right to attend, or not attend any of the programs being hosted. The organizers, however, cannot guarantee entrants will be able to see all of their friends’ and teammates’ performances.
4. Entrants and audience will be provided with cards which prove payment. If this card is lost, the entrant/audience member may be barred from entry to a venue if it cannot be verified that they have paid. Please keep your card safe during this event. Getting to know the organizer and the hosts is not a bad idea either.

Source:: Writing Knights Press