Grand Tournament 2018 – Entry Questionaire

By Writing Knights Press

Entries: March 3, 2018 to June 2, 2018

When the entries open, there will be a Paypal button on this page which will accept both individual entries and team entries.

Entrants will be asked to address the following prompts as they pertain to each entry in each team, copying and pasting into the body of the email is preferred.
Subject: “Grand Tournament (Entry/Team) – (Entrant name/Team name)”

1. Name of Entrant(s).
2. Are you an individual or group?
3. Are you part of a team, if yes, what is the name of the team?
4. Choose your category/categories: Poetry, Music, Storytelling (fiction), Storytelling (nonfiction), Comedy.
5. For each category you are entering, please provide a genre of creation. Why? This will allow for a more balanced program schedule. The organizers will do their best to make sure if someone is a hip hop musician they will not be placed in the same program as another hip hop musician, unless there are too many not to repeat genre.
6. Choose your side event: Haiku Joust, Sonnet Slam, Both, Neither.
7. What is your performance order preference for open mics or competitions (1-10): 1 – Absolute beginning of the open mic/competition; 10 – Absolute end of the open mic/competition. Note: The earlier you get your entry in for the Grand Tournament the more likely your preference will be honored in the preliminary programs.
8. Rate your preparedness level to promote the Grand Tournament 2018 to everyone in your current creative circle, both online and in person, including encouraging your creative peers to also enter the Grand Tournament (1-10): 10 – I’ve already been promoting it; 1 – I could use some help.
9. Rate the likelihood you will need a place to stay while in town (1-10)*: 10 – I got it covered; 1 – I might be sleeping in my car.
10. Rate the likelihood you will patronize the vendors during the event (1-10): 10 – Try and stop me; 1 – I want to, but I’m broke as hell.
11. Please provide a 5-10 word bio for your Entrant. Also, if you are a part of a team, please provide a 5-10 word bio about the team as a whole (this only needs to be done once per team).
12. Do you consent to have your performance(s) be recorded, photographed and reproduced on Writing Knights’ YouTube channel?

Please note – If any or all members of a team wish to be represented in the Wayward Sword release associated with the Grand Tournament, please email the page portion of both intended 3-5 minute sets. The editor will select a piece (or an excerpt) from each entrant to put into the collection. This does not have to be done immediately upon entry as long as it is done by June 3rd.

Additional questions may be asked. Existing questions may be changed. All entrants in before these changes are made will be sent replacement questions to augment any vital lapses that occur.

*-if we get enough people who need a place, we might be able to work out a deal with a local hotel/motel.

Source:: Writing Knights Press