Grand Tournament 2018 – Judging *subject to change*

By Writing Knights Press

As this is a performance based event with a total of 6 programs, plus Sonnet Slam and Haiku Joust and a Finals program, we could use as many as 45 total performance judges.

Some judges might be used more than once, which is fine, but we will need to schedule judges ahead of time whenever necessary.

Performance judges will be allotted one $5 food voucher per program they are asked to judge, usable with any food vendor included at the Grand Tournament (voucher may not carry over to any nonfood vendor nor any local restaurant or business).

Seven Written Judges will be sequestered during the 1hour dinner break to read through the submitted manuscripts of those potentially reaching the Final Program. In exchange, Writing Knights will provide catering for them from a fine establishment to be named later, said fine establishment will accommodate dietary needs as necessary.

It is possible to be a Performance and Written Judge, it all depends on how presale shakes loose.

If necessary, people will be brought in off the street to do performance judging, but we really hope we won’t have to do that.

Source:: Writing Knights Press