Grand Tournament 2018 – Vendors & Sponsors

By Writing Knights Press

For the first time ever, the Grand Tournament will have Vendors AND Sponsors!

We are looking for Vendors who can cater to the creative minded. Our attendees will likely be people who appreciate comedy, music, the written word and especially spoken word, so if you have products which deal with any of these, or are adjacent to these subjects, please join us!

We will open up applications for vendors as soon as we can, but hopefully by March 3rd, 2018. Applications will close once we reach our full capacity (36-40 vendors) or June 2nd, 2018.

We will have a PayPal button available as soon as we can. Vendor cost will be $20 for a 10’x10′ space. You provide your own canopy.

When submitting, be prepared to send an email to with the following questions answered:
1. Name of Business:
2. Contact Person:
3. Regularly checked Contact Email:
4. Mobile Number:
5. What type of business do you run?
6. What kinds of products do you intend to sell?
7. Do you have any applicable licenses necessary to sell those items?
8. Will you commit to having a presence at your booth from the 10am set up until at least 8pm July 28th?

There may be more questions to add as time passes, so don’t send any emails until the Paypal button is up, please. 🙂

ADDITIONALLY – Vendors will also be allotted one Individual/Group representative in the Grand Tournament as long as they declare this Individual/Group by Jun 2, 2018.

Events like this take money and promotion and sometimes we need sponsors to help us with the green energy necessary to keep things running smoothly, pay security, etc.

We will be offering two tiers of sponsorship.
Tier 1 – For $100, a sponsor will be mentioned once per program (and once during the Sonnet Slam and Haiku Joust). Additionally, Tier 1 sponsors will be put on the schedule flyers for the events.

Tier 2 – For $200, a sponsor will be mentioned twice per program (and twice each during the Sonnet Slam and Haiku Joust). Tier 2 sponsors will be put on the schedule flyers. Additionally, Tier 2 sponsors will have a banner posted in each venue, and during the final program will have all three banners present.

These sponsorship dollars may be translated in different ways.
For example, we will need someone to cater our “Written Judging Dinner” if that catering comes to about $100, we’ll put you under the $100 sponsor tier, likewise if it is $200.

That’s the most dire need we have at the moment. Depending on the alternate offering, we might be able to work something out for different services as they translate to usefulness at the Grand Tournament.

Source:: Writing Knights Press