Buckle & Cleave — National Poetry Month 2017 Prompt

By Writing Knights Press

Source: http://cdn.hercampus.com/

Buckle – To connect, or to break or collapse
– To adhere, or to separate

Contronym: a word with two opposite meanings
Goal: use both meanings of the word(s) in the poem

Deadline: May 7, 2017

Email: waywardswordsubs@gmail.com
Subject: “NPM 2017 – Contronyms – (Word)”

Optional inclusion: 5-10 word bio, author photo 1.5″x1.5″ 300dpi b/w jpg.
Publication: Select poems will be posted in the July 2017 issue of The Wayward Sword.
Other submitted pieces will be posted on WritingKnightsPress.blogspot.com.

Rights: Return to author after publication. Pieces will remain on the blog or in the Wayward Sword edition.

Compensation: Those included in the Wayward Sword will receive a printable PDF.
Pieces posted on the blog will get $1 for every 1000 hits to the post.

Source:: Writing Knights Press