Heroes & Death — The Wayward Sword: “The Hero Dies in This One”

By Writing Knights Press

The Wayward Sword:

“The Hero Dies in This One”

…Super Powered Vigilantes, Masked Crimefighters, Gods, Mutants, Aliens, Sports Stars, Musicians, Lovers…
Winners, the Triumphant…
What if no matter how hard they tried, they just couldn’t win?
The odds, completely in their favor and they fall….
Only one enemy can defeat anyone…
It is Death.
Can your Hero overcome?

Looking for:

Non/Fiction between 500 and 1500 words;
Poems between 4 and 100 lines;
Graphic Novel/Comic between 1 and 5 pages (8″ x 10″).

Consider combining images and words in a single submission.

Submission Accepted:
September 16, 2017October 13, 2017

Email Address:

After publication all rights return to Creator.

Slated for October 2017.

Creator receives a printable PDF of the issue where the piece is included, with which the Creator may do as they please (including sell or distribute in print for free).

Optional Inclusion:
A 10-20 word bio, a 300 dpi black and white photo 1.25″ x 1.25″

Subject line:
“The Wayward Sword: Heroes & Death – (Preferred Creator Name)”

Email Body:
Up to 3 pieces


no “Roses are Red / Violets are Blue” crap.
Send us your
blood, sweat, tears, shit, mucus,
broken bones, stitched hearts,
brains ripped to shreds,
make the audience care
Swearing is fine if it works in context,
but overuse isn’t edgy, it’s moronic.
Erotica/Nudity is fine,
but gratuitous sex isn’t erotica
it’s just pornography….

plus, if you write fan-fiction,
change the names
of the characters so we don’t get sued.
The only hard/fast rule is:
NO condoning hate speech or nonconsensual abuse….
You can certainly represent these issues in your art,
but condoning these only serve to trigger victims,
not to break open peoples’ minds
so they can grow and overcome.

Source:: Writing Knights Press

12 or 20 (small press) questions with Juliet Cook on Blood Pudding Press

By Juliet Cook

Here is a 16 question interview about Blood Pudding Press!

Thank you very much to rob mclennan for inviting me to answer his interview questions.



And here’s where you can get the latest Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbooks mentioned in my answer to question 16:

Cutting Eyes from Ghosts by
Ariana D. Den Bleyker is HERE – https://www.etsy.com/listing/512469489/new-cutting-eyes-from-ghosts-by-ariana-d?ref=shop_home_feat_2

Thirsty Bones by
Sarah Lilius is HERE – https://www.etsy.com/listing/522735584/new-thirsty-bones-by-sarah-lilius-2017?ref=shop_home_feat_1

Fuck Cancer Poems by Michael Grover is coming soon!

Source:: Blood Pudding Press

In my mind, POETRY is meant to be the opposite of destruction

By Juliet Cook

In my mind, poetry is not meant to be a destructive force field nor a hazardous competition nor a playing field role reversal of right versus wrong.

I feel like some people in poetry land almost want to force other people in poetry land to pick a side and announce the side they picked and why.

I don’t want to pick a side; I want to pick a poem.

I don’t feel the need to unfriend someone, completely distance myself from them, and cut them down just because we’re not on the exact same side – or semi-publicly slam somebody just because I disagree with parts of them – or lay out exactly how I feel about another person so that other people can narrow down which side I am or am not in support of.

If anyone wants to know how I feel about someone or something, then they can feel free to ask me one-on-one and I will probably openly respond – but I’m probably not going to get involved in some group attack that combines some legitimate points with a bunch of people making fun of a bunch of other people.

Sometimes it starts to feel like some sort of aggrandized agenda, but I’m not even sure where it’s heading. To destroy people you disagree with? To destroy people you hate? To destroy people who hate you? To destroy people before they destroy you?


I’ve had people try to control me before and I didn’t like it at all. I will try my best to be myself AND listen to others. I will try my best to stay in control of myself without trying to control anyone else.


I try to expel my own negativity (and all kinds of other feelings too) via creating my own poetry and art. Not by attacking other poets and artists or anyone else.

Here is a video of me reading some of my poetry this past May (part of the Take the Knight Off poetry reading in Canton, Ohio).

I just happened to encounter the video yesterday and thought I would share it today.

(from Juliet Cook – individual human being, poet, and Blood Pudding Press creature)

Source:: Blood Pudding Press

A photo of A Red Witch…

By Juliet Cook

Jennifer E. Hudgens’ photo of “A Red Witch, Every Which Way” by j/j hastain and Juliet Cook (Hysterical Books, 2016), nestled in between other poetry books.

A Red Witch available at Hysterical Books –
A Red Witch available at Amazon –

A Red Witch available via Blood Pudding Press

A recent review of A Red Witch at Luna Luna – http://www.lunalunamagazine.com/blog/review-of-a-red-witch-every-which-way-by-juliet-cook-jj-hastain

Source:: Blood Pudding Press

New in Rag Queen Periodical – Three Collaborative Poems by Juliet Cook and Michael Bernstein

By Juliet Cook “Burning thru canyons of news feed, a vortex on each pallid tongue
until a percolator explodes and then magma seeps out
its mottled gold gorging on the horizon, gnawed ruptures
in the sprawl’s dull chill, because we can’t tell
the difference between hot and cold eruptions
and it keeps burning…”

Three collaborative poems by Juliet Cook and Michael Bernstein in the wonderful Rag Queen Periodical.

Read more HERE – https://www.ragqueenperiodical.com/single-post/2017/09/03/Collaborative-Poems-by-Juliet-Cook-Michael-Bernstein

Source:: Blood Pudding Press

Happy Birthday to Blood Pudding Press poet Matthew J. Hall!

By Juliet Cook

Today is the birthday of Blood Pudding Press poet, Matthew J. Hall – and his birthday might be a wonderful day to acquire a copy of his Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, “Pigeons and Peace Doves”, HERE – https://www.etsy.com/listing/236081428/pigeons-and-peace-doves-by-matthew-j?ref=shop_home_feat_3

Source:: Blood Pudding Press

The New August Flock of Thirteen Myna Birds has Arrived!

By Juliet Cook

The new August flock of Thirteen Myna Birds has finally arrived on the last day of August!
New poems by Charles Cicirella, Jennifer E. Hudgens, Alan Britt, Ali Jones, Eddy Jordan, and John Grey.
“His wide palms made it easy to hold his prey – I tried to climb out of the hole again – to dig my way out of losing – even background checks are shot full of holes – dripping from a corroded arrowhead – Was this what hell feels like – like blackened goblets – in red dawn – in love with sweetness and gore – turning comatose blue – I start to black out again – it’s a side-effect of spirits – the shadows of trees moving back and forth – my head holds my predator’s wisdom – We drag our dreams – the radio bleeds a sobbing tune -fluid and bloody – mouth jolts open, as if forced from within.”
Partake of it all HERE – https://13myna.blogspot.com/

Source:: Blood Pudding Press

Snap – by Dion N. Farquhar (CC#93)

By John Burroughs

Crisis Chronicles Press is thrilled to announce the publication of Snap, a powerful new series of poems by Dion N. Farquhar.

$7 US. Available 31 August 2017 from Crisis Chronicles Press, 3431 George Avenue, Parma, Ohio 44134.

Where Do You Want It?
United States $7.00 USDElsewhere $10.00 USD

28 pp. 5.5″ x 8.5″. Perfect bound. Cover photo by the author. Contents include “Chronic Edge,” “Humanities 2.0,” “Break,” “Difference Within,” “Path,” “Contingency,” “Branded,” “Lost,” “Unsustainable,” “Loopy,” “Zuccotti Park,” “New Year” and “Climate Change.” ISBN: 978-1-940996-44-8.

Dion Farquhar has recent poems in Birds Piled Loosely, Local Nomad, Columbia Poetry Review, Shampoo, moria, Shifter, BlazeVOX, etc. Her second poetry book Wonderful Terrible was published by Main Street Rag Publishing Company in 2013, and her second chapbook Just Kidding is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press. She works as an exploited adjunct at two universities, teaching mostly composition, but still loves the classroom.

Source:: Crisis Chronicles Press

Take the Knight Off — October 13, 2017

By Writing Knights Press

Facebook Link Here

Take the Knight off and experience poetry with us!
Bring a pen(cil) and something to write with and jot down lines and build on that. Bring a brush and some canvas. Whatever you want. However you want to express yourself, let our features inspire you!
Christina M. Brooks is a poetry crafter, extoller and wingman. Have words will travel.
Come find out why his name is T-Shirt (Jordan)
Zachary Lee – Visual Artist, Author: Soul with a body. Son of Stars. Artist, writer, poet.

Sugg. Donation: $5 (no one will be turned away)
Unmoderated Open Mic After the Features (2 min per person)
Bring $$ for Books & Art also Free Books Bin!

In the mean time, Take the Day Off with our sponsors: (print off the flyer in the photo section of this event or pick up a flyer at any of these locations or Writing Knights Gallery at Avenue Arts Marketplace and Theatre)
@The Local (linked above) — Our Venue
Cultured Coffee & Waffles – 1 Free Large Coffee, also BUY WAFFLES!
Crooked River Alliance of TimeBanks Members can get 3 Time Credits for attending!
Natural Hair by Tamara will be offering gift certificates.
Modern Ritual is providing swag as door prizes.
Cantonology also is providing door prizes.
Jen Pezzo Photography – Anyone who calls mentioning Writing Knights will get $25 OFF a photoshoot.

Source:: Writing Knights Press

NEW in Rag Queen Periodical – Four Collaborative Poems by j/j hastain and Juliet Cook!

By Juliet Cook

“Maybe nobody cares.

Maybe some of you will change

your minds when they eat your fingers off

and replace them with another
contorted case of the unknown.”

Four collaborative poems by j/j hastain and Juliet Cook are appearing in Rag Queen AND bearing mention of Twin Peaks!!!!!!

“We love Twin Peaks at Rag Queen, so in honor of the series finale, we’ll be posting works that center, in some way, on themes of duplicity all throughout the week!
Today, we have four collaborative poems by one of our favorite frequent contributors, Juliet Cook and new contributor JJ Hastain!”


Source:: Blood Pudding Press