THE ANSWER IS NOT HERE by Lisa M. & Sean Thomas Dougherty

By Dianne Borsenik

NightBallet Press is delighted to announce the release of a new collection of poetry by
Lisa M. Dougherty and Sean Thomas Dougherty, The Answer Is Not Here!
The Answer Is Not Here reads as a type of call-and-response, with poignant and passionate poems by Lisa and Sean Thomas Dougherty. The poems include “Tell Me the Alphabet of Us Is Nothing New” and “The Wind Has a Name It Tells No One” by Lisa, and “Ask the Breath of this Blue Hour” and “Ask the Evening Light Its Shape” by Sean Thomas. The poems alternate in the narrative, with Sean’s poems being italicized. These poems whisper, rather than shout, begging you to lean in and listen more closely to sweet words sharing secret truths. Each poem is like a little prayer of the soul.

The Answer Is Not Here contains 17 poems on 32 pages. The cover is a pale green card stock, with a thick, textured and patterned card stock insert. The cover art is a lovely collage by Bree, “Rockin Robin 12.26.18.” The collage was made from this single photograph of a guitar in Lewis Mathis Studio in Shelbyville, Kentucky. It was made with Paint, enhanced by Polarr. You can find more of Bree’s work here.

Lisa is the author of Small As Hope In the Helicopter Rain (Cervena Barva, 2018), and Sean Thomas’ most recent book is The Second O of Sorrow (BOA Editions, 2018). Recently married, they live in Erie, Pennsylvania, where they are raising their two tumultuous daughters, Andaluzja Akhmatova and Amara Rumi.

Find Sean Thomas Dougherty here and on Facebook.
Find Lisa M. Dougherty on Facebook.

The Answer Is Not Here was released this weekend on Saturday, May 18, 2019, at the Borderlands: Poetry on the Edge event at Main Street Books in Mansfield, Ohio. It is available for mailing tomorrow.

Pick up your own copy of this collaboration! The book is a bargain at only $5.

You can obtain a copy of The Answer Is Not Here directly from the poets, or you may order from NightBallet Press for only $5 plus $3 shipping/handling! Order now, and NBP will pop it in the envelope today!

(This price is for United States of America customers only. Out-of-country customers, please contact NightBallet Press for information on shipping charges. Thank you.)

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Chapbook Submissions

By Writing Knights Press


Projected Submission Call Duration (subject to change):
12:05am (0:00) November 1, 2020 Eastern Daylight Time
to 11:55pm (23:55) December 31, 2020 Eastern Standard Time
Any submissions or inquiries before or after this will be deleted with no guaranteed notice.

Submissions are CLOSED!

Submission Goal:

We will publish any and all accepted submissions. We are hoping to get at least 12. That does not mean if we only get 11 subs we will publish them all, they still have to be quality. If we get 24 brilliant submissions, we’ll publish them all.
Basically… send your best possible work…

Email Address:


Email Subject:
“Chapbook Submission – Pen Name”

Email Body:
Pen Name – Legal Name; Email Address; Titles of Pieces.
Also, please answer these questions:
1. Have you read a Writing Knights Press book before? Which book(s)? What did you think of the aesthetic, the content?
Note – Honest answers are encouraged. You do not have to like the book you read to be accepted to Writing Knights Press.
2. What lead you to submit to Writing Knights Press?
Note – Please provide a website or the person who suggested you send us your work.
3. What is your intended promotion strategy?
Note – Also, for your intended promotion strategy, please have something more than just “I’ll post it on my Facebook/Twitter.” Yes, do this, but plan to do some readings. We know it’s hard, but if you don’t believe in your work enough to take that step, why should we?
4. If you are rejected, do you want a critique or just the rejection?
Note – Critiques will not be extensive, we will probably just tell you things we liked about your submission in general, less what we didn’t like unless it was glaringly repugnant.
5. Where can you be found online?
Note – This includes social media, blogs and online articles. Basically if it’s you and it’s online, we’d like to know.

Email Attachment:
Manuscript – .DOC (97-2003) files Accepted ONLY.
If there are images in the manuscript, DO NOT embed the images in the manuscript (ask us how to denote where each image should be placed). Please attach all image files as: JPG (300 dpi) separately.
— NOTE — If the images are not attached separately, we will consider rejecting the manuscript because taking the images out of a manuscript, making them into usable images then replacing them into the final manuscript is annoying. If you as the author cannot respect our time as publisher, why would we give our time to your work? —


8.5″x11″ with 1″ margins.
Chapbooks may be poetry, prose, fiction, nonfiction and/or black and white photography.
Up to 25 page sample: any combination of Poetry, Fiction & Nonfiction.
Note – If there are any issues with the file format, contact Writing Knights before submitting.

Simultaneous and Multiple Submissions:

Accepted, but let us know if the piece(s) are accepted elsewhere when they are submitted.
Submit multiple submissions in one email.

After Sample Acceptance:
Writing Knights will send an Author’s Guide which will tell you everything we need and expect from you as an author.


Length of Publication:
The book will be in print indefinitely with a Kindle E-book released concurrently.

We do not have contracts yet, we’re working on that. For now we deal with a good faith agreement.

10 author copies.
Royalties to be discussed privately.

Author Copies:

Cost + $1.00 + Shipping
(Shipping per book reduces as additional books are purchased).

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NEW in Maudlin House – “Wow Bob Wow” by Juliet Cook and j/j hastain!

By Juliet Blood Pudding

“In this theater, fishnet stockings
are replaced with fish hooks
in certain rows.
In other rows,
the director is aiming
to create his own mermaid bodies.”
From Juliet Cook and j/j hastain’s poem “Wow Bob Wow”, which is now up at Maudlin House!


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Malformed Confetti has found another new home – in a library!

By Juliet Blood Pudding Malformed Confetti by Juliet Cook (published by Crisis Chronicles Press, 2018) has recently been added to THE PUBLIC LIBRARY OF CINCINNATI AND HAMILTON COUNTY. Thank you to Crisis Chronicles Press editor John Burroughs.

So now you can borrow this book from the library. 💗

Of course, if you want your very own copy to keep (or give as a gift), you can acquire one from Crisis Chronicles Press, HERE –

Or from Amazon, HERE –

Or directly from the author’s Blood Pudding Press shop, HERE –

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NEW! DARK PURPLE INTERSECTIONS (inside my Black Doll Head Irises)

By Juliet Blood Pudding

“I wrote about my bruised, battered, scratched legs
and the bulging blue veins
that kept on bulging farther
out of alignment

then shifting
too close for comfort
to boring normalcy.”


DARK PURPLE INTERSECTIONS with some worm stickers on top of some insectile sock legs.


DARK PURPLE INTERSECTIONS (inside my Black Doll Head Irises) is a new 2019 poetry chapbook by Juliet Cook, published by Blood Pudding Press for the Dusie Kollektiv 9, as of May 2019.

It has recently been added to the Blood Pudding Press shop and you can find out more about it here –

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NEW in MANTICORE – Hybrid Writing From Hybrid Identities – collaborative poetry and art by Juliet Cook and j/j hastain and many more!

By Juliet Blood Pudding

“…How did she get pregnant
or is she just dripping out
another poisonous tale. Spinning through
immaculate corrections. All of her drafts
floating wildly in the wind, trying to
change the clouds into colors that don’t exist
so she can see what’s not really there…”
“MANTICORE – Hybrid Writing From Hybrid Identities” is a new Anthology (published by Sundress Publications), filled with tons of hybrid writing and art, including a collaborative poem by j/j hastain and Juliet Cook, followed by one of our collage art pieces right after our poem, plus another of our college art pieces at the end of the collection, before everyone’s bios!
Each of our collage art pieces are titled using lines from our poem (SHE SAYS TO HERSELF “I AM” and YELP COMES OUT).

Source:: Blood Pudding Press

“I might be misaligned…inside my DARK PURPLE INTERSECTIONS”

By Juliet Blood Pudding

“I might be misaligned, but
even though I might not know

exactly who I am, I didn’t ask
for someone else’s advice on how to

replace my webs with something less sticky.”

A sample of part of a poem within Juliet Cook’s new Blood Pudding Press for Dusie Kollektiv 9 chapbook, “DARK PURPLE INTERSECTIONS (inside my Black Doll Head Irises)”.

Newly available HERE –

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DARK PURPLE INTERSECTIONS (inside my Black Doll Head Irises) by Juliet Cook is a NEW 2019 poetry chapbook, published by Blood Pudding Press for the Dusie Kollektiv 9.

By Juliet Blood Pudding

DARK PURPLE INTERSECTIONS (inside my Black Doll Head Irises) is HERE! –

This new poetry chapbook contains 30+ pages of interconnected/intersected poems, with content based on wanting to escape control and the ongoing dying of love. It could possibly be perceived as a negative confessional with glimmers of cracked, broken doll parts designed into new doll parts so they can keep living their own way, even if their way changes.
The chapbook cover is hand-designed and hand-bound, with various different colors available, with or without insect or worm stickers. The colors and variations are too many to name, but if you have a particular preference for your chapbook’s cover, please let me know in the Notes section. The color cover variations are mostly light tan variations, light purple variations, and light grey variations. They can have worm stickers added, insect stickers added, both, or no stickers at all. Any specific preferences or questions, let me know in the Notes.

Furthermore,if you’d like to acquire this chapbook from a source other than etsy (like via paypal for example), let me know that too.


Cook was involved with the Dusie Kollektiv 3,4, and 5 and is delighted to be involved again. The Dusie Kollektiv 9 is a Tribute to Marthe Reed.
Sometime in May 2019, the Dusie Kollektiv will be publishing free online PDF files of the various members chapbooks, but Cook also created this print version of her chapbook and will be mailing copies to other Dusie members in May.
For those who are not involved with Dusie and would like a hand-designed print copy of this chapbook, here it is –

As a small sample, here is the beginning of the first poem within the collection:
“Maybe you didn’t want to bloom where you were planted.
Maybe you wanted to escape from where you were planted,
create your own individual space that doesn’t leave you
stuck in the same position,
nailed into the same cross-shaped ground.
And so from the ground up and down, you elongate
into different circle shapes. You expand and grow
your own fairy tale pie filled with maggots
that will choke to death or drown in between
the red filling unless they learn to fly.”

If you are interested in acquiring one or two of Cook’s earlier Dusie Kollektiv chapbooks:
You can get Dusie Kollektiv 4’s “Soft Foam” –
You can get Dusie Kollektiv 5’s “POST-STROKE” –

You can get both of the above together –

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Five mini-interview questions combined

By Juliet Blood Pudding Five recently answered poetry mini-interview questions asked to Juliet Cook are now linked together.
Thank you to Cleveland Poetics.


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NEW in BARNHOUSE Journal – “Her Mother Took Her to the Next Door Neighbor’s Pig Roast” by Juliet Cook!

By Juliet Blood Pudding

“Her loose lips would have an apple shoved inside and then a sharp spit.”

Inside Juliet Cook’s
poem, “Her Mother Took Her to the Next Door Neighbor’s Pig Roast”, appearing in the NEW O H I O Loves You (a national poetry month feature issue) in BARNHOUSE Journal, on the last day of poetry month!

Read more HERE –

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