New Review of Sister, Blood and Bone by Paula Cary

By Juliet Cook

A new review written last week about the Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, “Sister, Blood and Bone” by Paula Cary (Blood Pudding Press 2013) –
Thank you to The Spark:Alternating Current Blog, The Volt and reviewer Julia Hy.
I like how it says at the bottom of the review – “This book was purchased at AWP by an Alternating Current staffer who visited the press’ table. The reviewer does not know the author or publisher and received the book from Alternating Current at random”.
So someone randomly chose a Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook at the Blood Pudding Press AWP table and then reviewed it. Neat.
And if you would like to procure a copy of this chapbook for yourself, here it is –

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Ohio Triangle – by Alex Gildzen (CC#59)

By John Burroughs

Crisis Chronicles Press is thrilled to present a new masterwork by the legendary Alex Gildzen, inspired by his rich experiences in three Ohio cities: Elyria, Cleveland and Kent. Ohio Triangle is 75 pages, perfect bound, featuring many of his best poems and a handful of color photographs. Officially published on 25 April 2015 to celebrate National Poetry Month and Gildzen’s 72nd birthday, Ohio Triangle is now available for $10.99 from Crisis Chronicles, 3344 W. 105th Street #4, Cleveland, Ohio 44111 USA.
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US Orders $10.99 USDInternational $15.99 USD

Love for Ohio Triangle:

“Alex Gildzen rushes to the heart with the clearest of memories, tacking them to our own with perfectly wrought images from his own life and calling out real people from the shadows of the past. His work glows with the power of a master poet. There is not one word in this book that doesn’t ring true. Be glad. You can share a remarkable vision in this book that echoes through time every time Gildzen fixes his focus on his Ohio Triangle.”
D.R. Wagner, author of The Night Market
“Just as any 3 non-collinear points determine a unique plane, so Alex Gildzen’s 3-part book of chiseled poems defines and explores the unique plane that is Gildzen’s life in three different cities in Ohio. Here is a triangle considered in the context of the space-time continuum, where people, places and things combine to bring the past into the present and the present into the past. It is in the dimension of time, the loving remembrances and the sad recognition of the inevitable future of each person, place and thing within Gildzen’s triangular plane, and by extension, within the reader’s own unique plane, that brings warmth and heart to this multifaceted diamond of a book.”
Shelley Chernin, author of The Vigil

I was first introduced to the work of Alex Gildzen a few years back now and out of everything I’ve read, this latest collection, Ohio Triangle, is without a doubt the most touching look into the memories that make up his highly colorful life, so much so that I almost teared up at several points, because this is the way we all want to be able to look back on things, on a life well lived, only, Alex has been able to put it into words in a way that feels immediately relatable and effortless, as the passing of time should be.”
John Dorsey, author of Imaginary Foxholes

Deluxe Package:

For a mere $5 extra you can receive two great Gildzen books: Ohio Triangle and the rare New Notes: Poems 1971-76 (Kent, OH: Shelly’s Press, 1978). New Notes features paper wraps and a hand sewn binding. While supplies last. Only 15 deluxe packages available.
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Alex in front of Loomis Camera in Elyria, Ohio

He was born in California, first walked in Texas and now lives in New Mexico but Alex Gildzen spent the majority of his life as a resident of Ohio. He was two weeks old when he arrived in Lorain. When his father returned from the war in Europe the family moved to Elyria. He began visiting Cleveland as a child. Following graduation from Elyria High School he went to Kent State University where he was student, teacher and librarian. In 1993 Kent presented him with the President’s Medal for “extraordinary and unique service” to the university. The same year the Ohio Arts Council honored him with the Ohioana Citation in the field of humanities and education.

To learn more about Alex, visit the Literary Underground wiki and follow his Arroyo Chamisa blog.

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SAFTAcast Episode 27 – Juliet Cook!

By Juliet Cook

Scott Fynboe and Blood Pudding Press editor/poet Juliet Cook.
He conducted my awesome SAFTAcast Interview, Episode 27, which went live the day I headed to AWP.
You can listen to the interview here –

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Kathleen Cerveny is COMING TO TERMS!

By Dianne Borsenik

As we continue to celebrate National Poetry Month, NightBallet Press is very excited to announce the publication of Coming to Terms by Cleveland Heights poet and visual artist Kathleen Cerveny!
Coming to Terms is Cerveny’s first collection of poems. Containing 56 pages of 41 poems in a narrative arc, Coming to Terms is passionate and visceral. Titles suggest the alchemy that sparkles and sizzles throughout:

“Falling Asleep at the Shoreline of a Pond”
“Too Much and Not Enough”
“Unaccustomed as I was to public orgasms,”
“Trigger Point”
“How to Build a Fire”
“My Father Climbed a Mountain Every Day”
“Waiting for the Mouse to Die”
“The centipedes in my shower”
“Leavesand Leaving”

In her poems,

Birds drop shards of broken song
into the afternoon like chips of flint.


A broken shell
reveals its spiraled stair.

Her “Forsythia” is (excerpt):

Waterfall of honeyed promise
Buttered signal flags of April
Bangled arms of gypsy dancers

For prancing, can-can galaxy
canary-spangled chorus line
For kicking up the day

These poems wink at you, sharing secrets and self-discovery. They remember, reflect, reveal, rejoice, anticipate, question, and dream. They breathe fire. They whisper in your ear. They sing arias.

Coming to Terms is printed on textured snow-white paper, with a textured white cardstock cover and a lilac-lavender cardstock insert. The gorgeous cover photo was taken by New York poet and photographer George Wallace.

Kathleen Cerveny is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art (BFA) and of the University of Southern Maine Stonecoast Creative Writing Program (MFA). During the 1970s and ’80s Kathleen exhibited her ceramics locally and nationally. From 1987-90 she was Cleveland Public Radio’s first producer and broadcast journalist for the arts, winning more than 15 top awards and producing many features for National Public Radio. Since 1991 Kathleen has been the Director of Arts Initiatives for the Cleveland Foundation, the country’s first community foundation.
Her poems have appeared in the Southern New Hampshire University Journal: Amoskeag, the e-journal Shaking Like a Mountain, and in journals published by Pudding House Press, among others. A poem of Kathleen’s was selected for inclusion in an anthology published by Future Cycle Press, Poems for Malala Yousafzai. Kathleen is the 2014 recipient of the Robert Bergman Award from the Cleveland Arts Prize, and is the 2013-15 Poet Laureate of Cleveland Heights.

Source:: NightBallet Press

AWP 2015 is just a few days away!

By Juliet Cook

For those poetry and press peeps who will be attending this year’s AWP, come visit Table 525, where Blood Pudding Press will be sharing table space with Menacing Hedge!

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NightBallet Press Celebrates National Poetry Month 2015!

By Dianne Borsenik

April is National Poetry Month, and NightBallet Press couldn’t be more excited about it! We have several exciting announcements and upcoming publications to celebrate our love of, passion for, and dedication to poetry:
NightBallet Press is thrilled to announce that Cleveland will host an event for the National Beat Poetry Festival in September of this year!

“The National Beat Poetry Festival, as a non-profit organization, is dedicated to hosting, collaborating, and fostering joint partnerships for Beat-themed poetry readings, workshops, plays, radio shows and much more, locally and across America…and even internationally at times. The collaborations and joint partnerships extend to individuals, organizations, and representatives of universities and colleges. NBPF supports the further development and exposure of non-traditional poetry from people of all ages and backgrounds within communities where interest is significant and/or where interest needs support. The Beat Generation’s significant writings and history of its original prime movers lives on from its inception in the early 1940’s, and its legacy continues today by way of new writers, poets and artists of disparate influences and means of expression. The NBFP is committed to not only supporting venues in existence, but also in developing new venues where cultural preservation and the works of new artists can show yesterday meeting the living voices of today. NBFP’s activities promote literacy and open exchange dialogue which incorporates the Beat history and art at its base, to break boundaries and bridge cultures with new thought, ideas, and free expression.”

Confirmed participating cities and states, with the administrators of the events in parentheses, include

Connecticut (Festival Headquarters, Free Poets Collective)
Massachusetts (Lori Desrosiers)
New York City (Nicole Goodwin)
Indiana (William Sovern)
Kansas City, Missouri (Jason Ryberg)
Pittsburgh, PA (Jim D. Deuchars)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Amelia Matus)
Long Island, NY (Kat Lamberg)
Berkeley, CA (Harold Adler)
Oklahoma (Benjamin Myers)
Fredonia, NY (Vincent Quatroche)
San Luis Obispo, CA (Kevin Patrick Sullivan)
Chicago, IL (Charlie Newman)
Clearwater, FL (Larry Jaffe)
West Virginia (William DeVault)
Poland (Anna Zapalska)
Mumbai, India (Sunil Sharma)
Cleveland (Dianne Borsenik)

This is going to be BIG, and we are especially pleased and honored to represent the Festival in Cleveland, home of d. a. levy. “As poet, artist and publisher, d.a. levy was an important literary and underground figure in Cleveland’s emerging poetry and small/alternative press scene in the early 1960s and continued to be until his untimely death in 1968.” (Read more about levy HERE)

We will post more details as the Cleveland event’s location and featured poets are confirmed. But one thing is certainCleveland will feel the BEAT this coming September! And we want YOU to plan on being a part of Cleveland’s heartBeat!

Margie Shaheed’s recently published Onomatopoeia received a wonderful review from Lorraine Currelley at Mom Egg Review. Currelley writes:

“I became a passenger on a journey of exploding colors, passion and emotions. Stopping to digest and to breathe in familiar experiences and images. Margie Shaheed’s poems and stories pull at you, demanding your full attention.”

Check out Onomatopoeia HERE.

Read the entire Mom Egg review of Onomatopoeia HERE!

And if you have the opportunity to hear Margie Shaheed read, don’t miss it…she is an exciting and dynamic poet!

Image result for the word poetry

NightBallet plans on publishing several books this month of April, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for new work by Ohioans Kathleen Cerveny (Poet Laureate of Cleveland Heights 2013-2014) and Steve Brightman, and New Yorker Alan Catlin!

Image result for the word poetry

Be sure to check the Cleveland Poetics Blog Calendar for local poetry events. Check out Cuyahoga County Public Library’s daily poem and poetry prompt at Read + Write: 30 Days of Poetry. Write a poem. Attend a reading. Buy a book. Hug a poet. Join with us in celebrating the glorious art of poetry!

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Our Submissions Page and Publication Schedule Have Been Updated

By John Burroughs From now through 20 April 2015. we are accepting submissions to the 2015 Hessler Street Fair Poetry Anthology. Other than that, we have a full publication schedule through at least the end of the year and are therefore closed to other submissions until at least December 2015.

Source:: Crisis Chronicles Press

The Squire: 1,000 Paper Cranes Anthology

By Writing Knights Press

$20.00 USD

Thousand Paper Cranes is an ancient Japanese legend which promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane. Some stories believe you are granted eternal good luck, instead of just one wish, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury. This makes them popular gifts for special friends and family. The crane in Japan is one of the mystical creatures and is said to live for a thousand years: That is why 1000 cranes are made, one for each year. In some stories it is believed that the 1000 cranes must be completed within one year and they must all be made by the person who is to make the wish at the end. All cranes must be kept by the person wishing at the end.

You may find yourself
wanting to fold 1,000 Paper Cranes to see if you can get a wish from the mystical Crane. Adorn the cranes with these
poems and the wish may even come true.The following collection is 1,000 haiku/senryu. There are many definitions of haiku/senryu most in this collection are the Americanized version of three lines with 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables each.

Authors in this Anthology:

Helen Harrison … C.L.S. Ferguson … Jon Thorn … Ruchi Chopra … Geoffrey A. Landis … Nalini Priyadarshni … Lori Ann Kusterbeck … Christine L. Villa … Lorraine Cipriano … Smith … Lennart Lundh … Mishka … Shloka Shankar (Rasika) … Sheena Zilla … Steve Brightman … Nicole Rahe … Ryan Sagert … David S. Pointer … M.J. Arcangelini … Kevin Eberhardt … Shivapriya Ganapathy (Wildflower) … Alan Mathos … Chad Burrall … J.M. Romig … Craig Firsdon

Publication Date:
Apr 01 2015
1508857415 / 9781508857419
Page Count:
Related Categories:
Poetry / Anthologies


Purchase The Squire: 1,000 Paper Cranes Here


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Hellfire, Heavensent by Azriel Johnson

By Writing Knights Press

$8.00 USD

“Sometimes, when the last thread breaks,
The journey on which it takes,
From ocean to river, to a mountain lake,
that’s clean.
Down below, in between.
Nothing’s clean. And I’m yet to be seen.
The animator’s mind, caught inside mine,
The bars held him behind,
for me.
Down below, in between.”
— Down Below, In Between”Hellfire, Heavensent” is a collection of 30 poems inspired by life, love, lust and a dedication to the expression and craft of poetry.

Publication Date:
Apr 01 2015
1499248172 / 9781499248173
Page Count:
Related Categories:
Poetry / General


Purchase Hellfire, Heavensent Here


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You Left the Bodies and You Only Moved the Headstones! : A Reading of Hauntings, Place, Cinema, the Fabulous & More

By Juliet Cook

This poetry reading (and AWP) is now just a little more than a week away (AAAH)!

You Left the Bodies and You Only Moved the Headstones happens Thursday, April 9
at 7:00pm10:00pm in CDT
at Crooked Pint Ale House.

It features a variety of fabulous poets from a variety of unique presses, including three Blood Pudding Press poets – Kelly Boyker, Daniel Shapiro, and Lauren Gordon.

Lauren Gordon will have her NEW Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook available too, “Fiddle Is Flood”.


While at AWP, don’t forget to visit Table 525, being shared between Blood Pudding Press and Menacing Hedge.

Source:: Blood Pudding Press