What Keeps Me Awake: Fireworks on the Fourth of July!

By Dianne Borsenik

Happy Independence Day from NightBallet Press, where we are honored to announce
the publication of
What Keeps Me Awake by Connie Willett Everett!
What Keeps Me Awake by Columbus, Ohio poet Connie Willett Everett is a 48 paged book of 39 poems…haunting and evocative poems with titles such as “Where We Lived,” “Half-Moon Bay, Jamaica,” “Pedicure,” “For Sale in Bangkok,” “Nuclear Fallout,” and “Planetary Signs.” Her poem “Leaving Paradise” captures perfectly some of the things that “keep her awake”:

Leaving Paradise

Somewhere near Jupiter I realize paradise is well behind me.
I’m driving against the steady Atlantic ebb, beach deserted,
sun gone down and nothing but stuttering shadows, a full moon
harangued by dark clouds.

It’s late when I pull under the flashing VACANCY.
A lap dance of neon undulates across my salt-crusted windshield.
I slouch into a damp room tuned to the hoarse rattle of
a dying air conditioner.

Long ago I saw a rocket launched near this coastal town,
a small light in the dark, earth trembling with possibility.
Tonight, on this thin shell of de León’s dream, it’s the tide
I hear close by.

The rooms here square a courtyard around the parking lot.
Travelers, like me, lank in open doorways of skeletal light,
smoke slow cigarettes, tiny constellations in the dark,
not yet ready to sleep.

With deft hand, steady eye, open mind and a caring heart, Everett explores the underbelly of the American Dream, the scenes behind the screens at vacation resorts, the commercial and the crass, the American perspective and the soaring of human hope.

What Keeps Me Awake boasts a stunning cover photograph taken by artist/poet Kevin Eberhardt of his art piece “Full Sail,” printed on textured ivory cardstock. The book contains a rich golden cardstock insert, and the text is printed on thick ivory paper. Beginning today, July 4, 2015, you may order What Keeps Me Awake from NightBallet Press for only $10 plus $4 shipping/handling!

photo by Stephanie Matthews, used with permission

Connie Willett Everett received degrees from Ohio University and Bowling Green State University, including an MFA in creative writing. She is a member of the National League of American PEN Women and of Columbus Poetry Salon. She is senior editor for Pudding House Productions, and her reviews appear in Ohioana Quarterly. A former teacher of English, writing, and Women’s Studies, Everett has presented workshops for public schools, women’s retreats, juvenile detention centers, writers’ workshops, and other groups. Everett co-coordinates The Poetry Forum in Columbus, Ohio, and has produced and emceed many poetry and mixed media events.

Her poems and fiction have been published in numerous journals and several have won national and regional awards. Previous chapbooks include Mothers, Daughter and Dreams (Bottom Dog Press, 1995) and As Good As It Gets, Sometimes (Pudding House Publications, 2008). Everett helps run a family business, and is a committed community, political, and arts activist. She has two grown children and lives in Worthington, Ohio with her husband, a cat and a dog.

Don’t wait! Order your copy of What Keeps Me Awake today!

“Full Sail”

Editor’s note: all of Eberhardt’s art pieces are for sale, including this one. If you wish to obtain this evocative piece, you can contact him at KE767@hotmail.com, or contact NightBallet Press for additional information.

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Happy July! New Poetry in Hermeneutic Chaos! Art in Rogue Agent!

By Juliet Cook Excited to start this new month with some newly published poetry and art!

Blood Pudding Press editor and poet Juliet Cook has three poems within the new July 2015 Issue #9 of Hermeneutic Chaos.

You can read the poems AND listen to her read them.

You can even check out the Epilogue section to see/listen to what songs some of the poets chose to accompany their poems.

Below that is the Symposium section where they explain WHY they chose the songs they chose.
ALSO, Juliet Cook has a piece of art within the “IN MY OTHER LIFE I___” section in the midst of Issue Four of RogueAgent


Source:: Blood Pudding Press

7th Anniversary Deal – 11 for 71

By John Burroughs

Crisis Chronicles Press has published 11 fantastic titles so far this year. That makes 71 in all sincewe started out back on 8 July 2008. We plan to publish at least 13 more by the end of 2015 and reach 100 titles in print by next summer. To celebrate our 7-year anniversary (and raise funds for upcoming publications) we are offering a special deal for the next 7 days only: send us $71 to receive (postage free in the U.S.) all 11 titles we’ve published between January and June 2015 – plus an added bonus book. That’s a $95 value (more if you had to pay postage). Any takers?
Books include:

063 – #ThisIsCLE: An Anthology of the 2014 Best Cleveland Poem Competition

064 – Be Closer for My Burn by Robin Wyatt Dunn
058 – Poems for Explosion by John G. Hall
065 – Cutting the Möbius by Jonathan Thorn
066 – Thunderclap Amen by Dianne Borsenik
067 – Bookmobile: From the Library of Jesus Crisis by David S. Pointer
059 – Ohio Triangle by Alex Gildzen
069 – 2015 Hessler Street Fair Poetry Anthology
071 – Readings / The Road: Two Poems from Euclid Creek Book Three by Michael Ceraolo
070 – Matilda’s Battle Waltz by Tracie Morell
072 – Ghost on the Inside by John Dorsey

Source:: Crisis Chronicles Press

Juliet Cook is DRUNK IN A MIDNIGHT CHOIR (with three poems)

By Juliet Cook

“A temporary flavor with a price cut.
(In my head, I’m worth nothing but
a cracked open amulet full of filth.)”)
three lines from Juliet Cook’s poem “What do you think you deserve?”
Three of her Poems are up at DRUNK IN A MIDNIGHT CHOIR.
read more by clicking here and happy last day of June – http://drunkinamidnightchoir.com/2015/06/30/4860/

Source:: Blood Pudding Press

Get TWO 2015 Blood Pudding Press Poetry Chapbooks for a lowered price – Fiddle Is Flood by Lauren Gordon and Pigeons and Peace Doves by Matthew J. Hall

By Juliet Cook

End of June 2015, A NEW listing has just been added to the Blood Pudding Press shop, through which you can procure a SET OF TWO, meaning both 2015 contest winning Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbooks, for a substantially lower price if you purchase them as a set.
Fiddle Is Flood by Lauren Gordon AND Pigeons and Peace Doves by Matthew J. Hall for only 10 bucks (plus shipping).
Here’s the listing –

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Ghost on the Inside – by John Dorsey (CC#72)

By John Burroughs

Crisis Chronicles Press is pleased to present Ghost on the Inside, a new chapbook by John Dorsey published 27 June 2015. It features the poems “steel city rope-a-dope,” “icarus revisited,” “sheboygan sean,” “brian on n. 6th street,” “sheboygan 1,” “sheboygan 2,” “at 37: for mikey west,” “harry’s diner poem: for mj taylor,” “in his 60’s,” “on oak street: for everette maddox,” “steve goldberg death poem” and “poem for christian o’keeffe.” As D.R. Wagner has said of John Dorsey, “Boy, this guy means it. What a fine poet, ladies and gentlemen.”

Ghost on the Inside is 5.5″ x 8.5″, hand assembled, saddle stapled, with cover image by Steven B. Smith on white cover stock with black card stock endpapers and the poems printed on pale cottonwood paper. Only $6 from Crisis Chronicles Press, 3344 W. 105th Street #4, Cleveland, Ohio 44111 USA.

Please choose US or International
US Orders $6.00 USDInternational $10.00 USD
John Dorsey is the author of several collections of poetry, including Teaching the Dead to Sing: The Outlaw’s Prayer (Rose of Sharon Press, 2006), Sodomy is a City in New Jersey (American Mettle Books, 2010), Tombstone Factory (Epic Rites Press, 2013), Natural Selection: Early Poems (Kilmog Press, 2014) and Imaginary Foxholes (Rusty Truck Press, 2015). His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. He may be reached at archerevans@yahoo.com.

Join us for the official release celebration on 27 June 2015 during Sylvania Avenue Performances in front of the West Toledo Library.

Source:: Crisis Chronicles Press

Thank You for Swallowing (Juliet Cook’s new poem)!

By Juliet Cook

“You want to make me want

what you want for yourself”

from Juliet Cook’s poem “You pull your latest force field out and shoot another load” now up at Thank You for Swallowing, here! – https://thankyouforswallowing.wordpress.com/2015/06/23/you-pull-your-latest-force-field-out-and-shoot-another-load/
In other exciting poetic news (in case you missed it earlier this month) Blood Pudding Press, has a new poetry chapbook available, “Pigeons and Peace Doves” by Matthew J. Hall. This is Hall’s first chapbook published by a small press, it’s sad and wonderful, and you can find out a little more about it (and see the lovely cover art created by Marcy Erb) in the Blood Pudding Press shop here – https://www.etsy.com/shop/BloodPuddingPress and/or also via Hall’s own website, Screaming with Brevity here – http://www.screamingwithbrevity.com/.
You can also currently partake of three of the poems from this chapbook within the latest Thirteen Myna Birds flock here – http://13myna.blogspot.com/

Source:: Blood Pudding Press

A NEW Thirteen Myna Birds flock is alive as of June 2015 – snarling and breathing and vibrant and heavy!

By Juliet Cook

Thirteen Myna Birds is now an all new entourage of unusual and uniquely powerful poetry offerings – starting with three emotionally moving poems from the new Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, “Pigeons and Peace Doves” by Matthew J. Hall – and followed by a malformed force field of creepy, sexy, strange, and odd treats by Jennifer Hanks, Lynsey G, and Ellie White.

“love, even as pure as hers would never be enough – nights I drip in bed – honey coming from the scrapes – my spine the fuel of stars – four heads snarling against their stomachs – I see ferns now and tear off my shoes, sometimes everything – your dogs step out of their split skins – leaving plaster dust hanging like a pulled-apart cotton ball – bread molding blue – the Venus de Milo was flesh once, female and breathing – the heads were vibrant and heavy – bones harbor the prettiest ghosts”

Here it is – http://13myna.blogspot.com/

Source:: Blood Pudding Press

Matilda’s Battle Waltz – by Tracie Morell (CC#70)

By John Burroughs

Matilda’s Battle Waltz is a powerful new collection of poems by Tracie Morell, illustrated by Kris Risto, featuring wraparound cover art by Ken Paul Johnson. Perfect bound, 5.5″ x 8.5″, 89 pages, ISBN 978-1-940996-22-6. Available for $10 from Crisis Chronicles Press, 3344 W. 105th Street #4, Cleveland, Ohio 44111 USA.

“Tracie Morell’s work exhibits a lyrical acuity which illuminates and devastates. She leads us on a harrowing and electrifying journey through the life of Matilda, a being who dances on the brink of existence between what is marginalized and what has risen above to live in rarified air. Morell has no fear; our eyes blaze and dilate with Matilda, as we bear witness to our collective ruin. Morell’s poems celebrate the connections between the interior and exterior world and in doing so, take us closer to both.”

—Kelly Boyker, Poetry Editor at Menacing Hedge

“Tracie Morell is the patron saint of every woman that is tough, beautiful…and pissed off. The thing I admire about her the most is, she doesn’t bitch about life’s short comings, she resolves conflict with a love that is bulletproof. Matilda’s Battle is her recent attempt at reminding the world that if you want to be happy…you better ask questions.”
—Danny Klecko, author of Houdini in St. Paul

These are not to be read with eyes — it takes but a few lines before you feel her words writing themselves into you, burning the beauty and the pain on the insides of your eyelids and the long bones of your ribcage. Tracie’s poems are scrimshaw and snowflakes: permanent, yet glittering.”
—Amanda Gowin, author of Radium Girls

“Reading Matilda’s Battle Waltz is succumbing to a mesmerizing liturgy of literary moves that includes Matilda’s pontifications, navigations, poetic landscapes, work woes, and foreign loves. The reader travels the path of a most beautiful way of living that does not deny or distinguish between the glorious and the seedy, but sees each poem as a song, a part of the poetic whole. Indeed, the roots of Matilda’s experience grow with you upon every read and you find yourself tapping your foot to her poetic rhythms as the highs and lows pull you into her life’s dance.”

—Kathleen D. Gallagher, author of I See Things are Falling

Tracie Morell — by Kris Risto
Tracie Morell was raised on the savannah by a pack of feral gazelles. At a young age, she learned to bend iron bars with naught but her teeth and sheer determination. During her school years, she consistently wowed her teachers and mentors with her ability to dodge skepticism while performing feats of whimsical magic. In adulthood, she has birthed miniscule acrobats who assist her in her day-to-day tasks of smashing the banality of various poverties. In her spare time, she enjoys semaphore, scrimshaw, collecting rejection letters, and working on cars for the love of artistry and craftsmanship, despite her loathing of vehicular landscapes and the smell of ethanol. She resides in a land beyond your reach. Only Ben Frasier knows how to find her.

Join us for the official book launch for Matilda’s Battle Waltz on Friday June 12th 2015 at 6:30 p.m. during Poets and Painters at PACA, 1505 State Street in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The launch event will feature poetry readings by Marisa Moks-Unger (whose chapbook, Mud and Stars, will be released that night by NightBallet Press), Tracie Morell, Shawn King, Veronica Hopkins, Juliet Cook, Dianne Borsenik and John Burroughs – plus music by Rodger Montgomery and an exhibition of work by Kris Risto and Ken Paul Johnson. Not to be missed!

Source:: Crisis Chronicles Press

Moks-Unger Sees Stars…MUD AND STARS!

By Dianne Borsenik

NightBallet Press is enormously pleased to debut Erie, PA poet
Marisa Moks-Unger’s brand new book of poetry:
Mud and Stars!
The title of the book is taken from a quote by the Reverend Frederick Langbridge (1849-1922): “Two men look out through the same bars. One sees the mud, and one the stars.” Many of the poems in Mud and Stars were birthed in a four-story walkup on Clinton Street in the Lower Eastside of Manhattan during the summer of 2012. In these poems, Moks-Unger explores themes of social injustice and identity: “At the Station for the Spiritually Declining,” “Crylaughingly: Williamsburg Bridge as Canvas,” “A Confluence of Feminine Energies in a Four-Story Walkup.” Her voice is strong and true.
Marisa Moks-Unger is a poet, workshop leader, public speaker, and social activist. Her work has appeared in Midwestern Gothic Literary Magazine, Pressure Press Poetry, Guide to Kulchur Creative Journal, Voices of Lake Erie, and others. She lives in her hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania, with her husband Tom. Mud and Stars is her first book of poetry.

Printed on textured white cardstock, the front cover of Mud and Stars boasts a striking photo of an art piece by Ohioan Kevin Eberhardt, titled “Neurotic Masonic.” A matching aqua cardstock insert complements the cover photo. The text is printed on white textured paper. Mud and Stars is only $10 plus $3 shipping and handling. You can order one through PayPal right here on this website…but better still, come to the mega-event book release FRIDAY JUNE 12, 2015 at 5:30pm at Poets and Painters at PACA, 1505 State Street, Erie, PA, and get a signed copy from the poet herself!

Poets and Painters at PACA will feature the book releases of Tracie Morell’s Matilda’s Battle Waltz by Crisis Chronicles Press and Marisa Moks-Unger’s Mud and Stars by NightBallet Press, and the Gallery Opening for the surrealistic works of Ken Johnson and Kris Risto. Joining them will be Ohio poets John Burroughs, Dianne Borsenik, and Juliet Cook, and Erie poets Veronica Hopkins and Shawn King, with music by Rodger Montgomery. Light refreshments in the form of food-art will be provided by Lisa Heidelberg and Tammy Lyn Fox. You know what Lix & Kix would say…be there or be square, baaaaaay-beeeeeee!

Source:: NightBallet Press